A playground for Loma Grande

By | April 21, 2011

Loma Grande is a very isolated community with very little other than the nursery and the school.  During my latest trip, I decided to build a playground for the children of this community.  They have nothing to play with other than old tyres and plastic bottles.  These children are energetic, inquisitive, lively and need the opportunity to develop and play.  This is the reason Mashi is now building a small playground behind the school.  At the moment, the swings and slides are being made and we hope that in the next two or three weeks, the playground will be ready.  Members of the community and Mashi volunteers will prepare the land, put up the 3 swings, 3 see-saws and a slide, paint them and get them ready for the children.  They are unaware at the moment that this is happening so it will be a lovely surprise for them.


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