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By | November 24, 2009

Mission Statement

Caring for disadvantaged and disaffected children and young people living in Ecuador.

Aims and Objectives

The aim is for the Mashi Foundation to support children living in poverty in Ecuador..  We have some very close working relationships with projects that provide care for disadvantaged and disaffected children and young people. In working directly with certain organisations, we are able to use the funds where best meets the needs of the children in that setting.

The ethos is to maximise impact and benefit to those who need it. We are also working towards a sustainable foundation that engages with the community itself and looks to support self sufficiency.

The Mashi Foundation has been set up by me (Sarah Clarke) and  has four additional trustees, Maria Cutino Raya, Jorge Soria, Sally Stubbings and Lisa Pollitt.).  We  received registered charity status in November 2009 and are very positive about the future of the foundation and how we can build on the work we have undertaken in the past two years.

Here is a potted history as to how we have reached this point:

As a social worker in the UK with many years experience of working with children and young people, I ventured to South America to undertake voluntary work with street children. I volunteered in a street children centre, supporting young people to develop life skills, literacy and numeracy. In addition, I worked independently with the children’s hospital, a day centre and orphanages. I was able to make an impact by using some funds that I had raised before leaving the UK. Working closely with the organisations, I was able to buy necessities and resources that were so desperately needed. This included medication, medical equipment for surgery, vitamins, clothes and shoes and much more.

My experiences made such an impression upon me that on my return to the UK I decided to set up a foundation to try to make a difference.

The Mashi Foundation works in partnership with local people and communities to ensure the service best meets the needs of the children.

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