Emily would love the chance to go to school

By | March 20, 2010

Emily is 6 years old and lives in the Old Town in Quito.  She currently lives with her mother, grandmother and three siblings.  They are a family that live in poverty and desperately need some support.  Both her mother and grandmother work but do not earn enough to be able to support all the children as they would wish to.  This means that Emily is not able to go to school.  The education system here is free but there are costs incurred should a child attend school.  Families are expected to pay for registration, uniforms, books, equipment, exams and in total this is on average about $200 a year, depending on the school.  Unfortunately it is not possible for the family to send Emily to school.  She would love to have the opportunity.  She is a very bright child, very sociable and enjoys painting and colouring.  She and her mum have been working with Dr Marielena as there are some health concerns for Emily.  She is very anaemic, has parasites and has never had any of the vaccinations she should have.  We are hoping to resolve some of these health issues at the same time as finding some support for her to attend school. 

emily 2

If you feel that you could help Emily and give her a brighter future, please contact info@mashifoundation.org

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