Five children start school this academic year thanks to our sponsors.

By | September 24, 2010

With the help of more sponsor parents we have been able to support 5 children to start school this year.  This is an exciting time for them particularly those who haven’t yet been to school.

Schooling in Ecuador is free but there are costs involved which mean that many parents are just unable to send their children.  Parents are expected to pay for registration, uniforms, books, pens/pencils, exams and the total cost can be about $200 per child per year.  This is just not possible for many families who are living in poverty and particularly if there is more than one child in the family. 

We are grateful to those people who have become sponsors to these children.  With their monthly support, we have been able to cover all these costs and ensure the children can attend school.  We hope this support and committment will allow these children to gain an education which is absolutely essential if they are to have any opportunity to change their lifestyle.

Emily is particularly grateful to her sponsors – she has never been to school and has been desperate to for a while now.  When she heard she would be starting this year, she was ecstactic!   She is very much looking forward to learning to read and write.


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