January 2010 in Quito

By | January 17, 2010

Hola  a todos! 

It’s great that the new website is set up as a blog as it gives us the opportunity to update and inform on the progress of the foundation. 

I am now back in Quito and will be here until the end of March.  It is always great to come back, especially to see the children and young people that I have had contact with previously.  I was able to see 10 of the street children today an take them for an ice cream!  They are doing well.  They are all part of COVI, a street children’s centre in Quito.  They are attending school, not working on the streets and generally doing well.

I have made contact with a doctor who works in downtown Quito with very poor families. I am meeting with her to see how the Mashi Foundation could help. There are many children living in poor conditions, not only economically but also in terms of the care they are receiving. Families are often affected by alcohol and drug misuse, domestic violence, in addition to poverty. Many of the mothers are just children themselves and do not have the skills or support networks around them. This means that their children are often inadequately cared for which means they don´t receive the necessities such as basic health care, adequate physical care and as a result are malnourished, developmentally delayed and emotionally damaged. I hope that Mashi can help these children and their families.

I will update the blog when I have visited and met with the doctor and the families she works with. I am confident that we can make a difference.



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