By | February 28, 2011

I met Mateo today, a 6 year old boy who has a very aggressive form of cancer, from which he will die without treatment.  Doctors have said he needs to have 7 courses of chemotherapy over the next 8 months.

Mateo and his family live in Patate, where Mashi is doing some work with the local school and in Loma Grande.   His father works as a teacher at the school and earns about $350 per month.  The cost of each course of chemotherapy is $2000.  This is impossible for them.  Mateo’s mother has had to give up her job to care for him as they spend about 15 days of the month in Quito where he receives treatment.  Mateo has had two courses so far but needs another 5, which will cost the family $10,000.  It is so expensive to have treatment in Ecuador and most families just can’t afford it. 

I have set up a page through Mashi’s Virgin Money Giving site to try and raise some money for Mateo and his treatment. 

If you feel you can help, please click on the link below.  Thank you x

                                                                            Mateo Javier Velez Romero 1


Fantastic news!  We have been able to raise over £5000 for Mateo and his treatment.  The family are so very grateful to everyone for their support and completely overwhelmed by the response.  Thank you to everyone.

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