Quintana Day Centre

By | February 26, 2010

This project is now completed.

This is a day centre in the north of Quito and is an impoverished area of the city.  This day centre sees 130 children coming through its doors each day and they provide them with a meal, education and a safe place to be.


We have visited the centre on numerous occassions during the last 4 years.  On our first visit, we were able to see first hand the needs of the children and the centre.  One of the main health problems is parasites.  Over 80% of the children tested positive for parasites.  These children suffered from diarrhoea and sickness on a daily basis and were malnourished.  We were able to buy medication for each of these children and their siblings.  The two doses would keep them parasite free for up to six months.

parasite medicine

We have also been able to buy other items for the children including clothing, underwear and a few toys.

knitted toy

quintana clothes

In addition to donations from the UK, we have offered support and information to both parents and staff at the centre.  We have delivered two basic health sessions and given out some basic provisions to families.  Maria, one of the trustees for the charity and a nurse in the UK has been able to share her knowledge about health care with parents.  She provided information about simple tasks that parents can undertake to try to prevent parasites and help children remain healthy.  We were able to give parents a basic health pack which consisted of a toilet roll, a bar of soap, washing liquid and a bio-degradeable rubbish bag.  We gave out over 30 of these packs that cost just under a $1 each.

mariahealth pack

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