The Baca Ortiz Hospital

By | February 26, 2010

(Hospital de Ninos Baca Ortiz) is a children’s hospital in Quito which serves the whole of Ecuador.  It provides services for children and families.  This hospital is under resources and overstreched and struggles to meet the needs of the children within its care.  There are some organisations that are linked to the hospital who help by making donations and providing volunteers to help on the wards.

The Mashi Foundation has been involved with the hospital and worked alongside the social workers to identify priority needs.  We were then able to use funds to directly buy medication and equipment needed for operations where the families were unable to meet the costs.  We were able to help about 10 children and their families pay for surgeries that were needed.  This included heart operations, pain relief and equipment (such as oxygen tubes, syringes etc).

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